Front De Cadeaux

Front De Cadeaux are DJ Athome & Hugosan. Hugosan runs the Roccodisco label with Italian disco mastermind Rodion (Gomma/Nein) while Belgian killer DJ Athome has been spinning Italo wave & House in Brussels since the 90’s and together they expertly produced their own brand of “Supreme Rallentato”: they are playing only long vinyls session using  45 rpm slowed down at 33 rpm.

They recorded few podcasts for Honey SoundsystemLes Yeux OrangesThe Word Magazine and a new one is coming soon for Serial Experiment

The best way to catch the roots of their sensual hypnotic sounds is to read their interviewfor The Drone.

Their 2 first outings on Roccodisco have been remixed by Fabrizio Mammarella and Optimo’s JD.

The first Ep called Le PédéBPM (2014) produced by Rodion and remixed by Fabrizio Mammarella has been played by many top djs as Erol Alkan, Ivan Smagghe and many others

In 2015 second Ep is called Infodrogue and came out in january 2015 with a JD Twitch Dub and has been played by Trevor Jackson.

Latest ep called The Gift came out in may 2016 and has been released by Geoffroy Mugwump’s Subfield label via K7! on vinyl and digital with extra track. Ouvre ta bouche has been previewed by Acid Arab and played as well on BBC 6 Mix and NTS. It cames with remixes Ruf Dug and Gabe Gurnsey’s Factory Floor. “Ouvre ta bouche” get a hallucinogenic video by Isodoro Rodriguez.

The next single called Cogitate in memory of John C Lilly will be out September 2016 on Lexi Disques in 7″ format and some remixes will come later on Roccodisco.

They do as well their own edits as it has been published by I’m a Cliche