DJ Athome

Maurizio Athome is half Dj and half psychologist . Dj’ing Italo wave and House since early 90’s.

Dj Athome is half member of Front de Cadeaux (Roccodisco, Subfield) with Hugosan.

Since 1996 broadcasting Brussels Alternative Show on Radio Panik 105.4 FM Brussels. Every wednesday 8:30 to 10 PM,  BAS is played by Dj Athome, Lawrence Le Doux, Handless DJ and Dimitri Runkkari.

Since 1999 he is co-founder of the Brussels based label Pneu Records which is now associated to Lexidisques directed by Catherine Pleinevaux.

Maurizio  was member of Everybody’s Jabitudiliki  with Derek Sein, who released 2 albums including collaboration with Felix Kubin & Barbara Morgenstern and Lem.

In the late 90’s he shared desk with Dj Sprinkles, Vladislav Delay, Farmers Manual, Pole, Pita, Charlemagne Palestine, Fan Club Orchestra and many more

In 2006 he starts to play in the italian anti circuit scene where he met Hugosan. At the same time, Rome was burning with Subwoofer and Phag Off, an amazing queer party organised by Warbear. In Milan, Max_M brings the underground sound of techno to gay clubbing: Dj Athome has been playing as well at this famous parties called Moquette and later Cockette.

2006 is as well the early connection and support for Honey Soundsystem (San Francisco). Dj Athome and Hugosan played as well at this regular sunday party at Holy Cow.  Resident Advisor  did a Review called Dj Athome in San Francisco:

Since 2013 he is the co-founder of activist & band called Front de Cadeaux (F2C) with Hugosan (half member of Alien Alien with Rodion).

In 2014 F2C first Ep called Le PédéBPM produced by Rodion and remixed by Fabrizio Mammarella has been played by many top djs as Erol Alkan on 6 Mix Radio and Ivan Smagghe.

In 2015 Second F2C Ep called Infodrogue came out in january 2015 with a JD Twitch Dub.

In 2016 third EP by Front de Cadeaux on Subfield Record came out with Factory Floor & Ruf Dug. 2 tracks taken from this ep gets the Versace catwalk spin in Paris and had support by artist like Acid Arab. Fourth release came in the late 2016 and it’s called Cogitate in tribute to John C Lilly. 7inch Single on lexidisques played recently by 2manydjs!

Paris, Brussels, Rome and Berlin are the place where Dj Athome is playing the most. Alone or with Hugosan as Front de Cadeaux.

Latest events: Polari (Stockholm) , House Of Moda (Paris), Leftorium (Brussels), Tropicantesimo (Rome), Bonnefooi (Brussels),  Atonal Festival at Tresor (Berlin), 33RPM+8% (Paris), CTM Festival at Panorama Bar (Berlin), Schiev Festival (Brussels), Voodoo Rave (Paris), Bozar Night (Brussels), Renate (Berlin), …

Latest podcast: Les Yeux Oranges, The Word Maganzine, Serial Experiment, Honey Soundsystem, Lodown Magazine, …